Kaye Burian

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Cloud WatchersThe Restless Wind
Cloud Watchers

The Restless Wind

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Being born and raised on a ranch in western North Dakota, Kaye Burian, finds her western way of life easy to portray. Many times she has drawn from her rodeo and ranching background to give her paintings an authentic and realistic look.

Ranching is still a part of her life as she and her husband, Myran, own and operate Lazy 77 Ranch, near Manning, North Dakota. Their two sons, Paige and Harden, are active in or have been active in the rodeo arena and ranching business.

Their ranch is home to a commercial red and black angus herd of cattle, they raise and use American Quarter Horses in their ranching operation. These surroundings help Kaye encounter the natural world and its inhabitants face-to-face and bring that experience to her art. Their emotions help her portray her subjects with fidelity and realism. 

Kaye graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Dickinson State University, in Dickinson, ND. After teaching art and elementary education for six years, Kaye turned to painting full time at her studio at the ranch. 

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